Harry Gschoesser

A message from Harry Gschoesser, the creator and founder of SPEEDGIG:

As a former professional musician, I was the drummer of the popular 80s American band, Racer X, as well as played with Austria’s popular band of that time, No Bros. Playing with great musicians such as Paul Gilbert, Juan Alderete, Jeff Martin, etc which was never a dream thought possible for a drummer living in a small town in Austria.

Understanding the limitations most musicians face trying to break into the competitive music industry, I had an idea to make this feat easier, allowing the music community to connect freely from all over the world and share their talents.

SPEEDGIG is already a great success and heading in the direction I wish to pursue. The social network creates a platform for all different types of musicians garnered toward their specific needs. SPEEDGIG has famous artists and also new talents users, allowing those to connect and breakthrough into the music industry abroad!

If you haven’t already joined, I invite you to our community and to browse around the SPEEDGID’s features!

It’s where every passionate musician belongs.

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Email: info[AT]speedgig.com

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