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United States Jim Riley

First Name:  Jim
Last Name:  Riley
Sex:  Male
Birthday:  Jul 29,
City:  Nashville, United States
Main Instrument:  Drums
Secondary Instruments:  Percussion
Music Styles:  Country, Rock
Experiences:  Stage, Studio, Live, Tour
Skills:  Professional
Reading Music:  Yes
Songwriter:  Yes
Rehearsal Room:  Yes
Giving Lessons & Online Lessons:  Yes
Studio Jobs & Online Recording:  Yes
Giving Workshops:  Yes
Website:  http://www.jimrileymusic.com
Available:  No
Travel:  Yes
Bands:  Jim’s has been constantly recognized by his peers as being one of the best in the business. In 2011, Jim was voted “Best Country Drummer” by the readers of Modern Drummer Magazine. In 2009, Jim was vo
Live:  Jim attended University of North Texas where he received his degree in Music Education. In addition to being one of Nashville’s elite touring drummers, Jim has become internationally recognized as a c
Studio:  His teaching studio “The Drum Dojo,” opened up in 2007 and is a place where Jim can teach the great drummers of tomorrow. He is also a published composer, and a frequent educational columnist for Mode
Gear:  His first book, “Song Charting Made Easy: a play along guide to the Nashville number system” (Hal Leonard Publications) was released in June 2010. He is sponsored by Ludwig, Sabian, Remo, Gibraltar, L
Discography:  Rascal Flatts-Live,Rascal Flatts-Me and My Gang, Jeff Scheetz
References:  Since moving to Nashville in 1997, Jim he has played hundreds of sold out shows for millions of fans. His television credits include The Grammy Awards, The Tonight Show, The American Music Awards, Ame

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